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Filter mesh
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Stainless Steel Filter Mesh

2012-05-21 14:17:39 Source:Hebei BangDa Metal Products Co.,Ltd Browse:1710


Type £ºStainless steel filter mesh 

Material£ºSUS 302, 304, 304L, 316, 316L

Weaving Type£º Plain weaving £¬ twilled weaving

Application£ºstainless steel filter meshes are widely used in the absorption, evaporation and filtration process  of chemical fiber, rubber, pharmacy, wine-making, beverage.and also the stainless steel wire mesh can be used in the area of the Mechanical filtration industry.



1)stainless steel wire 304£¬ 304L£¬ 316 £¬316L ,and all kinds of stainless steel square  filter mesh,dutch weaving filter mesh,black cloth ,galvanized filter mesh,copper filter mesh and so on


Our wire mesh filters have variety of shapes, for instance round, rectangle, oval, crescent and semicircle

Manufacture technique :

our filter mesh is shaped by the model of the specificated stamping machine.

Such shapes as round ,oval,square,bowl round,hat shape and so on .

The shape of the filter mesh can be made according to customers requirements.

And our high technique low the cost of the filter meshes.


1)filter mesh has standard dimensions.high filteration and are convenient to operate

2)our filter mesh are wearable, high temperature-proof, good toughness, shake-proof and keep-distance, better rate of filter 

3)The layers of the filte mesh: one layer, two layers, three layers and multi-

4)wire mesh filters have long service life.

5)This kind of filter mesh can withstand harsh work conditions.

6)Meantime Our wire mesh filter can withstand high temperature.

 This kind of filter  mesh has excellence service properties

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